Special Services

We  go above and beyond to provide services in helping your business run smoothly. 

Our  goal is to provide a professional, respectable, and compassionate  transfer for a family's loved one to their chosen funeral home. Calls for residence transfers where the family is present will be our top priority. We do travel with caution, so please be patient with regard to severe weather and construction zones as we do not want any mistakes or accidents to occur. In the event an unforeseen circumstance does occurs, we are insured with both liability and commercial auto coverages.


A compassionate transfer from a residence, hospital, nursing home, or corner's office  to your establishment . We take our time to note all possible obstacles as to make sure loved ones are transported with dignity and respect.

Funeral Service Assistance

We are able to  assist with funeral services. If you need a greeter, driver, or  someone to set up and clean up we are experienced and willing to help.

Flower Delivery

If you have  flower or grave blanket orders that need to be picked up we will deliver your order to your funeral home, place of worship, or cemetery.